Ho19 and Ho20 Hohlgangsanlage 19&20

Hohlgangsanlage 19 & 20

In May 2016 we received a longterm licence to research and document Hohlgangsanlage 19 & 20 (Military cave installation). The tunnels were a German military complex built during the Second World War. We think, from the research work done & input from guests, Ho19 was designed for a generator and Ho19 was probably going to be a tunnel complex that went from one side of Mount Bingham to the other. Below you will find our research so far and we make regular updates to this.

We have to have to give the biggest shout out and thanks to Simon from www.hi-impact.co.uk. He has given as all a unique way of seeing the work done in this tunnel and this scan will be a vital tool for the ongoing research.
We will be booking them again next year to track the progress.

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