Headquarters Sub-Port T-411
Headquarters Sub-Port T-411
APO 562 US Army

Operations Report

Transmitted herewith report of investigation of enemy raid on Granville on the morning of 9 March 1945.

Major Brown, Commanding Officer Sub-port T-411, received information (not on alert) from enlisted man of 156th infantry at 2330 hours of three (3) targets moving southwest at ten knots. Port immediately blacked out and prisoners removed from ships and ships and proceeded to stockade.

Call made to POW stockade to stop the oncoming prisoners, but had departed for port. Instructed the officer in charge not to place any prisoners aboard ship but line them against wall ready to move out when alert given.

Unit commanders were then notified of information received. At 1200 hours second information of notice was received. Major Brown asked if this was an alert. Response was "This probably is as targets are coming in fast" An enlisted man from 156th Infantry gave the second information.

All units were alerted and defence plan put into operation. This plan was completed last week. No dry runs were tried and defence weapons were carbines.

An estimates party of (40) raiders formed a diversion raid at Hotels Normandie and des Bains and some 200 at the port. In my opinion the defence plan operated, but raiders outgunned the defence due to their superiority of automatic weapons and the calibration of their weapons. The "S" boat which entered the inner basin had the following batteries:

105mm on Stern
37mm Forward
2 x 50cal port and starboard
20mm Midship quadruple mount
2 x 20mm forward and below the bridge
2 x 20mm single, port starboard, stern

Five different sights were observed where machine guns had been emplaned to command all the approaches to the port and subject them to inflame fire. All the raiders were apparently armed with Schmeisser machine pistols which rate of fire far exceeded anything which could be brought to bear agains them.

The post area and approaches leading their to were mined with Teller, "S" and shoe mines.

The raiding party was supported by at least two other vessels whose fire power was apparently comparable to that of the "S" boat which was sunk in the outer basin which lay beyond the range of the weapons, available to the defending forces and apparently selected fire points which had been previously been showed to an intense bombardment, This served the general purpose of pinning down the defending forces, making the men ineffective of organising counter defence.

A great amount of munition, explosives and detonators, including two portable flame throwers and other demolition material, were left behind by the raiding party whose plan was probably seriously interfered with by the grounding and scuttling of the "s" boat which was sunk in the outer basin. This caused withdrawal of the raiding force before they fully accomplished their mission.

A call was put through for the support to the 156th Infantry who have at their command all of the heavy calibration and automatic weapons available in this area. This call was placed at 0115 hours 9th March 1945. Elements of this unit did not arrive in force until approximately 0430 hours at which time the raiders had withdrawn.

Lt E R Fredericks, operations officer, reported that the 156th infantry called for transportation. The motor pool of the port was under fire and no vehicle could be reached. It was later discovered that these vehicles had been disabled by the raiding party.

With the aid of heavy calibration and sufficient automatic fire power, the defending force could in all probability have driven off the raiding party before serious damage could have been accomplished by them.

Damage to equipment can be repaired as follows.

North Quay Portable Cranes
No.1 OK
No.2 OK
No.3 Major repairs consisting of the turning circle and gantry camp, to be completely disassembled and rebuilt. One week required.
No.4 Same as No.3
No.5 OK

South Quay
No.1 OK
No.2 Major repairs consisting of the turning circle and gantry camp, to be completely disassembled and rebuilt. One week required.
No.3 Same as No.2
No.4 Damage to engine room, One week to repair.
No.5 Same as No.2
Ho.6 Same as No.4

Time of above repairs depends on labour available, together with feasibility of procuring required replacement parts. It is estimated that two will be repaired the first week, two the second week, and the balance the third week.

Crawler Type Crane

8 Ton OK
3 Ton OK
1 Ton OK, after one day of repairs
2 Ton Completely destroyed
22 Ton Koering Crawler type, complexity wrecked and destroyed. Will be replaced 12th March by a similar crane.

The weather on the morning of the raid was ideal for the purpose there was no moon or wind and the sea was dead calm. The raid was perfectly timed and executed, and the results indicate personnel participating expertly schooled and thoroughly trained to carry out their mission by use of commando tactics and demolition. Performance of duty of all officers and men of Sub-Port T-411 and attached units was excellent and all that could be desired.

Casualties as Follows

1 US
6 British
2 French

5 US
9 British

21 US
17 British
8 French

Captain TR Wilson
POW Officer