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Headquarters HECP #2
APO 654 - US Army

Radar Stations
Jobourg, code name GOLDFISH
Carteret, code name COSMO
Coutaninville, code name CATBIRD
JOC Cherbourg, code name TRAMROAD

Radar Surveillance of Enemy Movement

8 March at 2149 hours
A target designated Able, was picked up by Radar Coutainville at 278 range 32,500 yards, going southeast. US Navy at Granville was Notified Immediately and asked to advertise.

The Commanding Officer, HECP No2 was notified. He instructed the operator on duty to notify Radar Carteret, and to notify S-2 X-Ray (3rd Battalion 156th Infantry Regiment at Coutainville) in case the Navy could not immediately identify the target.

At 2215 hours, the Navy had not been able to identify the target, and S-2 X-Ray was notified of the target. A second target, designated Baker, was picked up after 264 degrees 27,00 yards.

Reading were taken on both targets at five minute intervals, and at 2225 hours target Charlie was picked up at 283 degrees, 35,000 yards, going SE. Continued five minute readings, keeping Cosmo, X-Ray and Navy notified of the position of the targets.

At 2358 hours this station was notified by JOC, Cherbourg, through Cosmo, that Targets Able, Baker and Charlie were to be designated as Easy (enemy) 22, 23 and 24 respectively. This information was passed on to S-2 X-Ray as soon as they could be contacted by phone. At times it was difficult to contact S-2, due to their line being busy. Also Navy was hard to contact at the time for the same reason, even after telling Granville operator it was urgent.

Target Dog, later designated Easy 25, was picked up at 281 degrees, 21,000 yards. This target proceeded to 294 degrees, 15,500 yards and cruised in that vicinity from 0130 hours until 0356 hours.

At 0030 hours, Navy, Granville reported Naval engagement was taking place outside Granville harbour.

At 0233 East 24 picked up at Granville, headed out, at 191 degrees, 26,500 yards, going out at 0332 Easy 24 and 20 were re-designated Easy 27 and 28 by JOC.

Targets How & Item picked up at 0318 hours, 191 degrees, 25,000 yards and 0329 hours 195 degrees 24,000 yards merged at 0355, 202 degrees, 22,000 yards were designated Easy 29

At 0340 Harbour Entrance Control Post Officer called Lt Diefenbach USN, Granville. Lt Diefenbach reported that the PC was breached, The Navy radio off the air, and the port of Granville was captured by the enemy. He requested that no more plots be sent from this station.

Continued tracking all targets until lost 0510 hours, as shown on the overlay below. This is made on British Home Fighter Grid Map, Cherbourg to Brest, which is the operations map used by all radar stations, in this area, as directed by JOC and Normandy base station.

All targets were not separate and distinct at all times, but would sometimes merge and appear as one target, for a few reading, then separate.

Intelligence from this station went out continuously during the entire operation to US Navy, Granville, S-2, 3rd Battalion 156th infantry, Coutainville and JOC, Cherbourg there Cosmo

Adlai S Turner
Lt Col CAC

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