2528th Ordnance M.A.M. Company
2528th Ordnance M.A.M. Company
APO 562 US Army

At Approximately 2245 on the night of 8 March 1945 Major Brown, commanding officer of Granville Port from the sea. He stated that the infantry was sending in troops and an AT outfit, that there was no alert but to stand by for further orders and that he would contact us.

At approximately 2345 gunfire was heard south of the port at what appeared to be a distance of 5 miles and numerous flares were seen in the sky. This organisation contacted the Officer of the day at the Port Lt Shomberg. He stated that he had not seen the flares or heard the gunfire but would check up and give us a report. We were unable to contact the port after that time so the company was awakened and arms and ammunition made ready for issue. At 0045 on 9th March 1945 heavy gun fire was observed and shells were falling in the vicinity of the installation. The arms and ammunition were issues and the company took the positions as outlined on the port defence plan. Patrols were sent out and contact was established with the 156th infantry outpost X-ray Red 3. Further contact with the port was cut off and patrols were sent out from Danville to Granville area and found no enemy activity north of the hill on highway N-171. CIC personnel were contacted at this point. They stated that one of their men had been fired on by machine gunfire from the base of the hill at approximately 0125.

At approximately 0200 Capt Di Naggio of the 156th infantry was stopped at our road block and stated that he had 1 Rifle Company and 2 Platoons at the edge of Danville, north on highway N-171. He was given the situation as we had it and said the colonel would be along. We should advice him of the situation and that he was going on in to Granville. 0240 we went a messenger out to the 156th infantry position as the Colonel in charge had not come in. Major Brown contacted our Headquarters at 0315. He was advised of the position of the infantry and he requested that we send them in. Major Brown then the Colonel of the 156th infantry and Capt Carin went into Granville . While approaching Granville the enemy fired a red flare signifying withdrawal and no contact was made.

There was no official alert at any time. The infantry remained at their position north of Donville after 0400. This organisation had 72 men present for duty. Capt Carin and 1st Lt Ouzts and two visiting officers of the 82nd Airborne Division. Small arms and 3 50cal machine guns were only armament.