RON34 13-14 August

13-14 August 1944

Patrol against enemy Channel Islands ship movements from station 8 mile west of Isle of Jersey.

Own: HMS Samurez, HMS Onslaught, USS Borum, PT505, PT498

About seven ship in convoy (5 clearly sighted) Probably "M" class minesweepers, coaster, and trawlers.

Slight sea, no wind, visibility at night 1.5 miles.


Enemy: Several ships damaged by gunfire.
Own: No damage to the PT's

Ammunition Expended:

PT505: 2 Torpedoes
PT498: 2 Torpedoes

Action Report:
At 23:00 August 13, USS Borum was Approaching station west of Jersey when she made radar contact with unidentified targets at 10 or 11 miles, and about 3 miles south of Corbiere. PT505 and 498 were vectored on an intersecting course, and made radar contact with five distinct targets at 5 miles. Vectoring ship, the USS Borum, gave convoy course 350 degrees and speed 12 knots. The PT's closed at 30 knots, slowing to 20 and then to 9 knots. The first approach was abaft the beam of the convoy and was abandoned at 2 miles. A second approach, in which the targets were sighted at 2 miles, was also to far astern and was abandoned. PT505 & PT498 took a course parallel to the enemy, who fired one starshell, shore batteries were firing but no damage was suffered. The third approach was on a target angle of 280 degrees, the enemy began using starshells when the PT's were 1.5 miles away, and were clearly illuminated. Between 1 mile and 1 3/4 mile distance, the enemy opened with tracer fire. At 3/4 mile, 505 and 498 fired both torpedoes at the nearest target, evaluated as an "M" class minesweeper. PT's turned and retired at high speed, holding their fire. Enemy fire was concentrated but high. As it neared the PT's, PT505 laid a puff of smoke, and enemy fore concentrated on that. Speed was reduced when trace fire ceased, and PT505 and 498 returned to USS Borum. Shore batteries continued in their fire at the PT's and the DE, but no hits were obtained.

No results were observed on the torpedo runs, which appeared normal. The British DD's intercepted the enemy at 23:50 midway between Jersey and Guernsey and engaged them intermittently until 01:50, when the enemy Split and was pursued until they made port and the shore batteries forced the destroyers to disengage. No Enemy ships were known to be sunk, although heaven damage was believed sustained by them.

William C Godfrey
Lieutenant USN