RON34 11-12 AUGUST

11-12 August 1944

To patrol 8 miles west of Jersey and intercept and attack enemy shipping

USS Borum

Enemy Force:
Two M Class minesweepers

Sea Smooth & Visibility fine

Result of Mission:
Enemy - Light gunfire damage to one minesweeper. Possible torpedo hit to one minesweeper

RON34 - PT500 & 502 suffered slight damage from MG and 20mm fire

PT500 One minor
PT502 Three Minor

Ammunition Expended PT500:
2 x Torpedoes
6 x 27mm rounds
50 x 50cal MG

Ammunition Expended PT502:
2 x Torpedoes
6 x 27mm rounds
50 x 50cal MG

Action Report:
PTs 500 and 502 were idling on patrol with USS Borum and PTs 504 and 506. At 0300 port lookout signed two ships five miles East, 3/4 miles off La Corbiere point and moving around the point at 12knots. Lt D S Kennedy, USNR, Officer in tactical command, ordered an intercepting course of 60 degrees and closed to three miles 12 1200rpm, OTC ordered deploy to port, changed the intercepting course and proceeded at 140degrees to one mile distance. At 3/4 mile, the enemy used star shell illumination, and could be distinguished as a "M" type minesweeper, 1 .5 miles to the south east. When the target fired the third star shell, OTC accordingly ordered both PTs 500 and 502 to drop port and starboard torpedoes and they retired to port. PT 500 releases toward the first and PT502 toward the second ship. The enemy opened fire when the torpedoes were released and fire was returned by PT502. OTC ordered PT500 hold her fire, and only a few rounds were expended. Enemy fire was excellent as to deflection, but tended to be high. Heavy concentration of 20mm splashed alongside and did cause damage, but 20mm shrapnel wounded three men on PT502 and one on PT500. Both PTs used smoke and made off at maximum speed, fouled engines holding speed down to 1500 rpm until well away from enemy.

When PT502 was leaving the target area, the 40mm crew and torpedo man observed a large amount of smoke in the target area. PT500 crew reported similar results. PT504 and 506 were 3 to 4 miles from the engagement, and reported sighting a burst of flame and smoke at the enemy position, followed by a column of grey smoke visible in the light flares.

Below is the plotting from this mission